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AsteriaX Network Rules

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General Rules
  1. Alternate Accounts
    • Players are limited to 1 account online at a time and should not have any alternate accounts.
  2. Common Sense 
    • Use your common sense. 
  3. Evading Punishment
    • Evading punishments will result in your punishment being extended or receiving an even more severe punishment.
  4. Skin/Username
    • Your Minecraft skin and username must be appropriate.
Chat Rules
  1. Advertising
    • Mentioning an IP of another server or asking players to join another server is not allowed. Advertising any type of Discord or social media pages/channels is also not allowed.
  2. Bigotry
    • There is to be no racism, sexist, or homophobic remarks and/or hatred towards any person or group.
  3. Controversial Topics
    • Any topic that may cause any sort of drama is not allowed. Topics include but are not limited to politics, religion, and conspiracy theories.
  4. Inappropriate Language
    • Usage of any inappropriate language, which includes but not limited to slurs, racist remarks, and NSFW words or references, is not allowed.
    • Swearing is allowed, but if you swear excessively you will be punished.
  5. Impersonation
    • No player is allowed to impersonate another player.
  6. Languages
    • The only language to be spoken in the chat is English. All other languages are strictly prohibited.
  7. Links
    • There is strictly a no external links policy. This is to prevent players from sending phishing links, IP grabbers, and/or any other sort of malicious links.
  8. Spamming
    • Spamming, flooding the chat, and excessive use of capital letters is not allowed.
Survival Rules
  1. Auto Clicking
    • Auto clicking is only allowed in Survival. Caught auto clicking in Economy will result in a temporary ban.  
  2.  Cheating/Hacking
    • Any form of cheating/hacking is not allowed. Cheating does include exploiting any bug(s).
  3. Griefing
    • Breaking other players build and/or placing unwanted blocks within 100 blocks of another player's claim is not allowed.
  4. Stealing/Scamming
    • Stealing items from another player's claim(s) or plot is not allowed.
    • Scamming is strictly prohibited and result in you losing privileges to trade with other players.
Lifesteal Rules
  1. Auto Clickers
    • Auto clicking IS NOT allowed. Caught auto clicking in Lifesteal will result in a temporary ban.
  2.  Cheating/Hacking
    • Any form of cheating/hacking is not allowed. Cheating does include exploiting any bug(s).
  3. Heart Farming
    • Heart Farming is not allowed and will result in both players being banned.
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